Fleet Captain Sailing – No Shows

Our Fleet Captain sailing is up and running thanks to all our Fleet Captain skipper volunteers. Access to Fleet Captain program is a privilege to help members connect with skipper members. Fleet Captain Skippers are the most valuable asset of the Sail Club. 

We had a recent scenario, where several members were no shows to a Fleet Captain sail. This meant;

  • Other members could not go out sailing because the session was fully booked with no shows
  • We had more skippers on hand than necessary – when we asked FC skippers and instructors to help out.
  • Boats needlessly waited around on the docks waiting for no shows
  • Crews had to be reallocated at the last minute due no shows

This scenario is very poor boating etiquette. This situation is akin members requesting a sail with a boat owner, the boat owner agrees, and then you don’t show up without any prior communication – the chances of that boat owner agreeing to future sails with members is unlikely unless there a good reason.

Here are some reminders and new protocols about using the Fleet Captain program.

Please show up 15 to 20 minutes prior to departure to get boat assignments and help prepare the boat for sailing.  Skippers will be very appreciative.

If you need to cancel your reservation, please do so ahead time (not last minute) on the system (reservations,brooklynsailclub.com). If cannot get through try the office at – 718.490.7136

If you are a no show for your reservation and didn’t cancel your FC reservation prior to the sail, your account will be charged $20 or a round of drinks for the crew per occasion. If this behavior is persistent, then participation in the Fleet Captain program will be suspended.

Please consider buying your skipper a beverage and socializing with your crewmates after the sail after all it’s part of the fun that’s why people love the program.

With these refinements, we hope to entice more participation from our FC skippers and get more folks out on the water.

Thank you for your attention