The Start of the Sailing Season

Exciting times. It’s the beginning of the season and everyone’s excited to get back on the water. Here’s a few helpful suggestions.

Check your gear, jackets, PFDs, rigging knife and shoes. If you need sailing gloves, we have them on sale at the office. (15% off).

Our fleet in back in action. Here are few tips to keep everyone safe for the season.

Skipper Tune Up – Check that all the safety equipment is on board. For your FIRST time out on the boat you should perform a COB recovery drill to jump start your sailing season.

Lowering the Main Sail. Please ensure the boom vang, Cunningham and outhaul are fully eased before lowering the sail. We’ve had main sail damage along the foot as the sail was lowered without keeping the boom horizontal.

Dock Lines. Ensure the boat is bound tight against the finger dock to prevent surge damage. This is an unorthodox techniques unique to ONE15. Normally we would tie up boats so they just gently touch the dock. On the J/80, bow lines go between the forestay and forward posts of the bow pulpit to prevent chaffing of the toe rail.

Wash Down Boats. After each sail, boats should be rinsed, lightly soaped and brushed down. Use only the orange soap and yellow brushes (bristle should be soft to prevent damage)

Repair Requests. Please report any missing items or items that to be repaired or inspected in the repair binder.

Thank you for your co-operation.